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  • Our Istrian Truffle

Our Istrian Truffle


Our Istrian Truffle

We present you the Istrian truffle encyclopedia...


The book titled «Our Istrian Truffle» is the real and comprehensive encyclopedia of the Istrian truffle. It first describes the notion of truffles in ancient Greece and Rome followed by the observations stemming from the Arab and European medieval writers and papal officers. It traces how the knowledge of truffles has developed from the new ages until the modern times and the first true analyses of its characteristics including the aroma, beneficial effects, gastronomic and culinary benefits. Giancarlo Zigante devoted himself to studying when and how the appreciated white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) was found in Istria as well as to learning of truffle traditions. This book is also a summary of his recollections and experience of old truffle hunters from Istria, truffle habitats in Istria, local truffles in gastronomy and cuisine, their processing and pairing with other premium Istrian ingredients. The book 'Our Istrian Truffle' is also Giancarlo Zigante's autobiography as well as the story of his family: of the Guinness world record, the family factory, Zigante truffle shops, culinary delights at the Zigante Restaurant, and the Zigante Truffle Days – the longest truffle fair there is. This is the book about Istria, its people, traditions, natural resources and beauties promoted so tirelessly by Giancarlo Zigante and his family.

Available in croatian and english. 


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