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In June 2008, in Plovanija near Buje an office building and a facility for processing and packaging products made of truffles were opened. This office building, which was formally opened by the Croatian President, Mr. Stjepan Mesić, is the headquarters of the company ZIGANTE TRUFFLES – the first name in Croatia in processing and marketing truffles. It is a craft production of high quality that can be proud of advanced technology and represents itself with the product that is carefully planned and subjected to rigorous inspection.


The range of 50 products altogether in the product assortment based on truffles confirms constant work on quality along the best raw materials. Production takes place in a fully automated way in several stages, and is equipped with complete technological equipment that allows us, along with skillful knowledge of our employees and managers, getting unique truffle based products which we can consume throughout the year. White and black truffles are being placed into cans; as a whole or minced, black truffle in slices and there are bottles of truffle with other ingredients such as mushrooms, olives, honey, butter, olive oil and more. Our ready-made products have the advantage because they enable the preparation of top dishes based on truffles in a short period of time at affordable price for a wide range of clients.

On sale you can find fresh and treated autumn white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) and black summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt) that come from the forested parts of the Istrian region. Favorable climate and the specific composition of the soil contribute to the development of specimens, highly regarded because of their smell and taste. Entire repertoire of our products is under warranty by registration mark ZIGANTE TARTUFI.

Also, in the same production line, products from Zigante Delice assortment are being produced, and those are creams of porcini mushrooms, olives, rosemary and sauces from fresh tomatoes with mushrooms and aromatic Mediterranean herbs, olive oil flavored with rosemary, sweet basil, hot pepper and lemon, and the sweet part of the portfolio, which consists of jams produced only from fruits without added aromas, colors and flavors, and acacia honey with the addition of dried fruits and nuts.

Chain of our shops brings our products closer to the customer and it also offers them a wide selection of wines and other products of the local gastronomy. Our restaurant in Livade, which is specialized in preparing menus with truffles, represents the crown of our entrepreneurial activity.


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