Truffle Chips

Once you have tried the Zigante Hand Cooked Chips, no other chip will be the same. 

Its rich flavour is unforgettable.

Hand cooked chips, known also as kettle style chips, are the best quality chips. Its advanced frying technology creates the chip with quality aroma and texture, less oil than in the traditional chip. As it absorbs less oil, the flavor of the potato pervades and takes over the entire chip, which is why the hand cooked chips are by far more delicious.

A difference in the production technology and method between the hand cooked chip and the traditional one is that the former is produced by the charging method of frying at a lower temperature than the traditional chip. Unlike the traditional chip, which is fried at 170°C, the hand cooked chip is fried at 120°C. The hand cooked chip is also cut in much thicker slices. It is produced from the best quality potato grown in controlled conditions to retain the purity of raw material. This results in a chip of better quality since the potato flavor is retained, the percentage of oil is lower and the chips crunchiness increased providing the best possible flavor of a potato.

 Ingredients: potato,sunflower oil, salt, lyophilised black truffle (Tuber aestivum) 0.5% (equals to 2% of fresh black truffle), aroma. May contain traces of milk, peanuts, soy and wheat. 



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